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Bellapierre Natural Mineral Lipstick - Envy
Bellapierre Natural Mineral Lipstick - Envy
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Mineral supplements

Natural minerals are the spark plugs of life because they are required to activate thousands of enzyme reactions within the body. In a way they are more important than vitamins since Mineral Supplements online plants manufacture vitamins but minerals must be obtained from the soil.
If the mineral is not in the soil, it cannot possibly be in the plant. Decades of farming has left large amounts of our farmland depleted and therefore you may have to take some form of natural mineral supplements to make up the deficit. Since our very existence is dependent upon the body's ability to utilize minerals, because minerals activate enzymes, some discussion of enzymes is appropriate.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are chemical substances produced in the living organism. They are marvellous organic catalysts which are essential to life as they control all the chemical reactions that take place in a living system. Enzymes are part of all living cells, including those of plants and animals.
It has been estimated that there are over 20,000 enzymes in the human body. This estimate is based on the number of bodily processes that seem to require action. However, so far only about 1000 enzymes have been identified but their essential role in nutrition and other living processes has been firmly established.

How do enzymes work?

Enzymes form part of the food we eat. Raw foods contain enzymes in abundance. Cooking, pasteurizing, pickling, smoking and other processing destroys enzymes. It is, therefore, essential to include in our diet, substantial amount of raw foods. Studies have revealed that the body without sufficient raw materials from raw foods may tire and produce fewer enzymes year after year. This may lead to wearing out of body processes and consequently worn-out appearances.

Back to minerals

We just discussed the importance of natural minerals to our bodies’ ability to produce enzymes. However, minerals do not work alone. They must work in balance with one other as well as with the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. When one mineral is excessive, it steals from others, thereby causing a chain-reaction of deficiencies.

Calcium Builds bones and teeth, muscle contraction, heart action, nerve impulses, blood clotting
Magnesium – Bones, liver, muscles, transfer of intercellular water, alkaline balance, neuromuscular activity
Sodium – Electrolyte balance, body fluid volume, nerve impulse condition
Potassium – Cell membrane potential, nerve impulse conduction, heart rhythm, acid base balance
Copper – Haemoglobin formation, production of RNA, elastic tissue formation, cholesterol utilization, oxidase enzyme activator
ZincProtein synthesis, carbon dioxide transport, sexual function, insulin storage, carbohydrate metabolism, wound healing
Iron Haemoglobin formation, electron transport, oxygen transport, enzyme activator
Manganese Carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism, connective tissue, joint fluid production, nerve tissue, Vitamin B1 utilization
Chromium Glucose utilization, insulin activity, heart muscle, cholesterol utilization
Phosphorus – Builds bones and teeth, energy production, acid-base balance, necessary in metabolism and cell membranes, calcium absorption
Molybdenum – Enzyme activator, uric acid formation, oxidative enzymes
Selenium Peroxidase scavenger, glutathione peroxidase, anti-carcinogenic, Vitamin F synergist
Silicon – Bone formation, collagen formation, cartilage formation, elastic tissue
Boron – Reduces calcium loss
Vanadium – Strength of bones and teeth, lowers blood lipids, inhibits cholesterol synthesis
Tin – Growth, protein synthesis
Nickel – Activates some liver enzymes

We offer a huge range of natural mineral supplements to help your body maintain the best possible health. Mineral supplements and their dosages can be confusing, so if you would like help in choosing the best mineral supplement for you then click on our ASK THE EXPERT LINK.

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Bellapierre Natural Mineral Lipstick - Catwalk
Bellapierre Natural Mineral Lipstick - Catwalk
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