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Natures Plus Age Loss - Menopause Support
Natures Plus Age Loss - Menopause Support
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Supplements for Children

The best way to assure your children get plenty of vitamins and minerals is to emphasize the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods. Offer foods from the different food groups to yourKids Supplements Online kids each day and prepare meals with nutrients that complement each other. That means eating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, whole grains, nuts, legumes, milk, and cheese (however, please see our section on Vitamins to find out why this isn’t sufficient alone).

A healthy diet like that sounds great to many kids, but not to all. Children don't always eat the way we would like them to eat, and a picky eater might not get all the vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients he or she needs. Some kids don't eat healthy diets all the time, and a few children rarely eat anything healthy at all. Processed foods and junk foods may not contain much nutritional value, just unhealthy fats, sugar and calories.

A healthy diet is just as important for children as it is for adults. When a child doesn’t eat enough healthy foods, his or her ability to learn may suffer. Imagine sitting in school all day when your brain and body is starving for good nutrition. That’s why kids supplements are so important.

Kids who don’t get all the nutrition they need from their diets can take supplements for children as a good way to ensure that they get enough vitamins and minerals. Remember that taking kids supplements isn’t a cure-all for an unhealthy diet, so be sure to continue offering healthy food choices to your kids. Even picky eaters will eat some healthy foods.

Which kids supplements should your children take?

• One common deficiency in children’s diets are the omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs are essential for proper nervous system and brain function, which is very important during those long school days (many studies have demonstrated that EFA’s can be as good as drugs such as Ritalin when it comes to calming children and increasing their concentration levels). This essential fatty acid can be found in pumpkin seeds, cold oily ocean fish like tuna, canola oil and flax oil. It can also be taken as a dietary supplement if kids don’t like the strong taste of oily fish or the other foods so try fish oils
• Kids who snub fruits and vegetables may not be getting enough Vitamin C, which is important for our immune system and for the connective tissue under our skin. Vitamin C protects us from damaging free radicals and is crucial for brain function.
• The B complex vitamins have several functions, some of which are involved with carbohydrate metabolism. A child who has a high refined sugar and starch diet may deplete those important B vitamins.
• A children’s multi-mineral/vitamin dietary supplement, plus a omega 3 essential fatty acids make a good basic dietary supplement program for most children. Some kids with health problems may need more complex dietary supplementation, which should be determined by a doctor, nutritionist or dietician.
• Some experts believe that minerals are depleted in our soil, and therefore much of our produce may be deficient of minerals as well.
For example: Calcium and magnesium - important for healthy bones, nerves, and muscles
Zinc - important for our immune system.
Chromium aids carbohydrate metabolism.

We only stock the highest quality kids supplements, designed especially for children so that they are palatable and easy to take. We have many supplements for children including great multivitamins and even fish oils that taste so good the children will be asking for more!

If you have any questions regarding which kids supplements would be best for your children, ASK THE EXPERT and we will guide you to the most appropriate solution. We all have kids here so have had plenty of experience with those fussy little darlings!

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Natures Plus Age Loss - Menopause Support
Natures Plus Age Loss - Menopause Support
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